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Assembly Instructions

1. The following parts are included in each package.



2. Connect the bathtub legs to the bathtub frame by pushing in the buttons and inserting the leg into the frame until the buttons pop out. Ensure the buttons pop out of the frame and gently pull on the leg to confirm it is locked in place. Repeat for other leg. 

Using Your Furesh Dog Bath Tub

1. Unfold Furesh and place it on a level surface


2. When you use Furesh on the flat ground, you can unfold four stand bars on the foot. 

Or you want to put Furesh in your home bathtub, you can fold stand bars. It is suitable for bathtub is wider than 18.5 inches.


3. Set up the flexible drain hose to drain into a suitable receptacle, or use the stopper and drain the tub after use 


4. Place your pet in the tub and attach the safety harness 


5. Use the stopper to fill the tub for a spa experience, or let the water drain for a quicker shower with the built-in strainer making their fur easy to collect.


6. Lather, rinse, repeat


7. Once finished bathing, drain the tub, wipe off any remaining water, and pull the handle in the middle to fold it up